Growing Yoga Teachers

How do I find my voice as a yoga teacher? How can I make a living at teaching yoga? This post RYT 200hr workshop series guides students to find the answers to these questions. 

How do I find my voice as a yoga teacher? Now that I'm RYT200, what am I going to do with that training? How can I make a living at teaching yoga? Do I want teaching yoga to be my livelihood?

Growing Yoga Teachers is a program designed especially to help find answers to these questions and more. Designed around the needs of recent yoga teacher training program graduates who are finding their voice and want more connection and feedback. The program consists of 2 sequences, each of 5 approximately monthly, 4 hour workshops covering issues that come up in class, enhancing your teaching, and business issues that come up as a yoga teacher. Each month these small group workshops will provide community and support to yoga teachers. Material covered will be a honing and deepening of the subjects you were introduced to during your 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in order to help you discover what kind of a teacher you want to be. In addition, you get one hour one-on-one with one of the teachers to go deeper on material from class (or review if you miss a class.)  All styles and lineages welcome. We'll provide support around creating workshops, the challenging student,  integrating yoga philosophy and the 8 limbs into our lives and teaching, and much more. We'll also guide you through the process of making your yoga teaching dreams come true, regardless of if your goal is to teach one class a week, or to have a whole career in yoga. More on the Curriculum here.

This program gains from the perspective of an experienced yoga teacher as well as a professional business coach specializing in the yoga industry. More about trainers Nicole and Maggie on their staff pages.

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I am unexpectedley optimistic about making a living as a yoga teacher!
— program graduate
This has been a great experience for me in that it gave me a place to talk about specific challenges as a yoga teacher that I would not have elsewhere. It was also useful to be able to teach and receive feedback from the group. The connections I’ve made here are invaluable and being given tools to market myself in this new-to-me field are very much appreciated.
— program graduate