Growing Yoga Teachers

How do I find my voice as a yoga teacher? How can I make a living at teaching yoga? This post RYT 200hr workshop series guides students to find the answers to these questions. 

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Laura Humpf

Instructor Emeritus

Laura turned to yoga in 2002 when she was working in a therapeutic day school, and while trying to save the world she began suffering from insomnia. Laura started a simple practice of 15 minutes of yoga every night, which turned to 15 minutes every morning and night. Soon enough, she was sleeping like a baby and absolutely hooked on the positive impact yoga could have on the body and mind.

After moving to Seattle from Chicago in 2003 Laura decided to dedicate more of her life to yoga after the profound effects the practice had on her. She sleeps better, she was more content in mind and body, she was more present and she was able to handle stressful situations easier, and these are just some of the effects yoga had and continues to have on Laura.

Laura has been teaching since 2004, practicing yoga therapy since 2007 and doing Thai Yoga bodywork since 2008. She started mentoring new teachers while she was on staff at The Samarya Center and loved the connection she made with the teachers. She saw some of the same concerns over and over: feeling disconnected, not getting feedback and wondering how to get a job as a yoga teacher were just some of the struggles she heard from teachers over and over. She was blessed with the opportunity to sit with teachers and offer support, listen to the concerns they had and help them get grounded on their feet as they entered into the teacher role. Here is what one teacher had to say about the mentoring:

"It was hugely encouraging that you would find many positive things to comment on since we tend to overlook what we’re doing well and only notice what we need to work on. It was also helpful to be able to just discuss my experiences with you. I remember once telling you that a student had left after 15 minutes of class and of course I wondered if he didn’t like the class. You pointed out that I had no idea why he left and that if I was going to make up a story, why not make up a story that wasn’t about my teaching being bad? (Months later he told me that he had left because he’d felt sick.) You were helpful in the following ways: support for my insecurities, loving and insightful feedback on my teaching, and concrete advice."

Laura has been making a full time living doing her dharma since 2007, and she has been running her own private practice business since 2012. Laura loves this work, and she is passionate about others being able to live their dharma in a sustainable way.

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Thank You and (Maggie) for creating Growing Yoga Teachers and for making it a fun/productive/nuturing community.
— Kate C.