Growing Yoga Teachers

How do I find my voice as a yoga teacher? How can I make a living at teaching yoga? This post RYT 200hr workshop series guides students to find the answers to these questions. 


Nicole Hamilton

Yoga Teaching Instructor

Nicole took her first yoga class in 2010. She was overweight, over-stressed and in a constant battle with depression. Her very first class at Hot Yoga Renton (where she still teaches and practices!) hooked her. Over the next several years, she began to develop a regular yoga practice. The weight began to come off and she noticed strength, flexibility and fluidity returning to her body and mind. Panic attacks that used to plague her daily became less and less frequent until they eventually disappeared altogether. After a couple of years of a regular practice, it became clear to her that yoga was a way of life and she knew she needed to share what she'd learned.

Nicole's first teacher training in 2014 changed the way she practiced yoga. She learned how to teach the disciplined practice of ‘Bikram’ yoga with compassion; learning how to soften into an otherwise rigid yoga practice. This work transformed her personal yoga practice and also enabled her to bring a unique perspective of ease and breath-guided movement that she still offers in her more ‘Bikram’ style hatha yoga classes.

Since her first training, she has made it a priority to constantly be seeking out new ways to further her own practice and increase her offerings as a teacher. In 2015, she was thrilled to complete a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour teacher training program through Lotus Yoga in Columbia City, Seattle with the incredibly gifted Megan Carroll. Her training at Lotus helped her access the philosophical side of our yoga work. She began to embrace the deeper aspects of yoga and understand that her yoga work was both on and off the mat. She developed a strong interest in yoga as therapy and how deep healing could be possible through a better understanding of the Chakra energy system of the body.

Nicole's time off the mat has also greatly influenced her teaching. In the Spring of 2016, she hiked the entirety of the Arizona Trail - an 800-mile National Scenic Trail - that she completed with a dear friend in just under 2 months. Her time on the trail exposed the deep healing that comes through intentional introspection and meditation and she was awakened to how important our connection to nature is to our well-being as humans. She came back from her time on the trail with a renewed sense of this connection within herself, her environment, and her desire to share all she’d learned.
In addition to her traditional group classes, Nicole is Co-Owner of Adaptive Yoga Northwest, an organization dedicated to bringing the healing benefits of yoga to students living with mobility restrictions. Their work is inspired by the work of Matthew Sanford at Mind Body Solutions in Minnetonka, Minnesota who Nicole was fortunate enough to train with in the Spring of 2017. 

When Nicole is not teaching or practicing yoga, you’ll find her digging around in her South Seattle garden, writing at her local coffee shop, or adventuring in the Pacific Northwest backcountry with her sweet dog, Astrid.

Nicole loves to meet new people and learn how yoga has or can impact your life. You can read more about her, see her group class schedule or arrange to study privately on her website: Nicole Hamilton Yoga.