Growing Yoga Teachers

How do I find my voice as a yoga teacher? How can I make a living at teaching yoga? This post RYT 200hr workshop series guides students to find the answers to these questions. 

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Maggie Karshner

Business Instructor

Maggie is a business coach focusing on helping "solo-preneurs" leverage their passion into careers or businesses that are an ideal fit for their dreams.

Maggie will support students through the career/employment/business side of being a new yoga teacher. We will cover everything from: "How do you get your first yoga teaching job?" and "What does it take to start a studio?" to "Do you need insurance? What kind insurance?" and "What about business licenses, LLC's, corporations, non-profits?"

Maggie managed operations at The Samarya Center for three years, providing support and marketing for their yoga classes, yoga teacher training and Integrated Movement Therapy sessions and trainings. In her time at Samarya she did everything from marketing and fundraising, to fielding every question imaginable, and transferring antiquated and paper-based systems to the MindBody and Salesforce platforms still used today.

In addition she spent a year writing other people's resumes and cover letters as a marketing coordinator and proposal writer at an architecture firm. She uses this experience to help people write beautiful and concise employment applications that land them the work that they want.

More recently, Maggie has been coaching "solo-preneurs" in the fields of yoga, dance, massage therapy, and other movement, health and body work professions. She supports smart marketing efforts, wise business choices, financial and budget awareness, efficient workflows, and all other speed-bumps that come along with owning your own business.

Maggie took her first yoga class in college, where the teacher wisely recognized that any college kid at a yoga class on a Friday at 9pm probably could use some extra time relaxing in savasana. Maggie returns to her practice anytime she needs to return to her body, or find centering in times of change or stress. (i.e. all the time.)

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